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Question asked by jose.vega.arias on Jan 16, 2019

Hello everybody,

I recently became a Gold Member and one of the pluses of becoming one, is the welcome gift of points you're supposed to get depending on the brand you're staying at. 

Well, to my surprise, receiving these points has turned into a real time-consuming issue.  First, every time I've checked in since acquiring this new status, I've had to remind front desk clerks that I'm entitled to receive this gift since I'm a Gold Member and second, and this is in fact the worst part, I've always had to either call the properties or email front desk managers or supervisors requesting the points to be credited to my account. 

This just doesn't make sense to me, aren't they supposed to do it automatically?  Why do I have to invest my time requesting what's mine and reminding them what they're supposed to do?  Is this normal?  Is someone else having the same issue?

Your input will be highly appreciate it.