Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE in London Saturday 27 April

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Aaaah, London - Now who wrote “he who is tired of London is tired of life” - Oh, that’ll be me, just now!



For those of you watching the 2019 stays thread you may have noticed bejacob is travelling to Blighty at the end of April for a week. And he’s spending it all in London. In fact he’s really lashing out the points and spending the first half of his stay at the very spendy 60k per night County Hall. What you won’t know, because he doesn’t add his stays to the 2019 thread is so is pey. Anyhow, that got the 3 of us talking TIPPLE, a subject close to our hearts. Now we know there’s not going to be a TIPPLE this year, but a Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE - well, with me, pey and bejacob arranging to meet up in London it’s already going to happen.


Hawaiian wear isn’t compulsory but is advisable during London’s April heatwaves


But does anyone wanna join us? Saturday 27th April, starting at the County Hall bar with, hopefully a short walk outside to a couple of Westminster pubs, with front runners (it being the London Marathon on the Sunday, I thought it a good opportunity to use jogging metaphors) being the Westminster Arms and the Two Chairmen - chairmen, runners, geddit? Well, for those needing help with the metaphor;


The chairmen are the ones “running” the Lady around town, hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have bothered...


Anyhow, here I’m especially calling out our Brits fistuk, brilin, hallchr, a120bbo, vic&mila and normanp


Please bear in mind, this is a Turn-Up-&-TIPPLE so there’s no official TIPPLE hotel. Personally, I’m booked at the far less spendy 25k Aloft London Excel, though I do know our LNF expert fistuk will be on the lookout for a central London LNF rate to reduce the cost and I’m sure he’ll tell us if he finds anything.


Now the central London Bonvoy choices that are walkable (less than 30 mins) to our “meeting-up bar” at the Marriott County Hall are the Autograph St Ermins in the heart of Westminster at a 15 min walk, the Autograph Bankside (20 mins), W Leicester Square (20 mins) and Le Meridien Piccadilly (25 mins). All the remaining central London Bonvoy properties are within 30 minute total travel time but will require a tube journey to Westminster, some requiring a connection, but make no mistake, all the other Zone 1 London Bonvoy properties (Edition, JW, Westbury, Park Tower, Wellesley, Park Lane, Marble Arch, Sheraton, Threadneedles, Grosvenor Sq, Tribute and St Pancras) are within a total 30 minute door-to-door journey time. The downside for this convenience? Yes, you’ve guessed it, cost! All of them are pretty expensive at £300-£600 for the night although it does make them worthwhile redemptions at 50k-60k points. If all this is a bit rich for a quick TIPPLE then I’ve found some cheaper 30 minute travel options below. All are much cheaper in both points and in cash and total journey times are around 30 mins from the door of the hotel including the walk to the stations, the metro journeys and the short walk from Westminster Tube Station across Westminster Bridge to our meeting place at the Marriott County Hall bar. Hence why not try:


*ALERT* Wanna be Park Lane circa £200? Then try the (just reduced) £219 Sheraton Grand. Great price for the night!

ALAS, quickly snapped up, the price by 10 April had reverted to £300, in fact it’s been a mixed bag with some hotels moving down in cost and others up since we announced this in January.


Direct tube ~£200 £270/35k 50k points - Marriott Kensington from Gloucester Rd on either the District or Circle line

Direct tube ~£200 £260/35k 50k points - Marriott Regents Park from Swiss Cottage on the Jubilee line

Direct tube ~£200 £260/35k points - Marriott Canary Wharf from Canary Wharf on the Jubilee line

Tube&tube ~£200/35k points - Marriott Maida Vale from Kilburn Park, change to Jubilee line at Baker Street

Direct tube ~£200 £150/25k points - Moxy London Stratford from Stratford on the Jubilee line

DLR & tube ~£200 £160/25k points - Aloft Excel from Prince Regent DLR, change to Jubilee line at Canning Town

DLR & tube ~£150/25k points - Moxy Excel from Royal Albert DLR, change to Jubilee line at Canning Town


*Note the top twosome were increased in Bonvoys annual recategorisation in March, so now are 50k points.


If however your TIPPLE budget is more like £70-£100 then as long as you’re prepared to swap an hour of your life each way we’ve got you covered with the 3 Heathrow Bath Road Hotels which are on the 5 mins free bus service to LHR to catch the Piccadilly line to Green Park and change to the Jubilee line. Total journey time is around an hour. Note, these are really just paying hotels, their value is awful on points. So we have at ~£100 LHR Marriott, ~£85 LHR Sheraton Skyline and ~£70 LHR Renaissance. You’ll find the rooms bigger in both the Marriott and brilin’s Heathrow favourite, the Sheraton Skyline, the Renaissance is cheaper due to its cramped rooms, but recently refurbed it’s smart enough. Personally, if you’re in LHR just for one night or staying in the area on your own I’d go with the cheaper Renaissance, if travelling with others then your best bet is the Sheraton Skyline. I don’t see, and have never seen anything at the Heathrow Marriott that justifies its extra cost over the Sheraton Skyline.


And here I’m practising what I preach. I’m booked into the LHR Renaissance on the Friday night on a cash rate and the Aloft Excel on Saturday at 25k points. 


So post here for all your TIPPLE-y goodness and shout out if you’re joining us.