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Has anyone else been misled into attending a Time Share presentation?

Question asked by markwill on Jan 16, 2019
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Has anyone else had this experience?



I happened to be calling Marriott Vacation (in April 2018) concerning another vacation (Il Ciocco in Barga Italy) I booked. I was asked if I was interested in deals being offered in select cities. I asked what cities, and New York was included. As I had concert tickets for New York, I agreed to talk to an agent about the deal.


When I was transferred to the agent and they told me about the deal, I specifically asked if a Time Share presentation was part of the deal. I was told no, but would have to attend a presentation about the “Marriott Rewards Moments”. As I was aware of this program (having tried to get hockey tickets via an auction) I said sure, we would attend this. When I received the email confirmation of the vacation, including confirmation of the non-refundable rate that was immediately charged to my credit card, the fine print indicated that it was indeed a Time Share presentation! I immediately called back and voiced my displeasure with the deceitful information I was provided. At that time I asked that the deal be cancelled, as long as they refunded my payment in full without penalty. In short, I was convinced to participate in the Time Share presentation for the benefit of the deal, and the fact they said I could not be refunded without penalty. While I was very happy about the rate, I was very unhappy about how I was misled and could not get a refund.


It goes on….


When we attended the Time Share presentation which was scheduled for 90 minutes, we were very clear from the beginning this was not for us. The young man doing the presentation was very nice and understanding of our position. However, after 90 minutes, we had to sit through brief discussions with 2 higher up managers, the first of which was unpleasant and the second of which was actually rude. We left very unhappy about the waste of our time and the treatment by the 2 managers.


When the points and Elite Nights did not show up in my account,  I submitted a missing stay request (in fact 3 times, since I did not get a reply). Surprisingly I got 3 responses almost at the same time - one said it did not qualify because the "stay was part of a master bill", another said "Rooms booked through third party online retailers such as,,,,, Priceline, etc. Wholesale packages are not eligible for points or Elite Night credit" It was booked through a phone call to Marriott Vacations!


Being told that this stay does not qualify for Elite nights or points adds insult to injury. I thought this stay was booked through Marriott Vacations (that is the line I called, but transferred to Marriott Vacation Club), I was misled into booking a deal I was specifically told was not a Time Share presentation. I was told I could not get a full refund when I discovered I was lied to. I attended a 90 minute presentation only to be kept for almost 2 hours and then subject to unpleasant senior managers. Now I am told this stay does not qualify!


Yes, I got a good deal on a room! However, I feel Marriott has really dropped the ball from a customer service point at every turn! I am not happy nor satisfied with their response(s) under the circumstances of this booking.


Has anyone else been through this ringer, or anything like it?