Marriott Needs Your Help!!!

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Jan 16, 2019
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Let's suppose that Marriott has just deduced that 30 brands is thoroughly unmanageable. They must cut this tally to 25 or even 20. The wizards at HQ are so tied up with IT, customer service, and bean counting activities. They simply don't have the man power to attack this attempt at brand shrinkage. They need YOU!!! Please help!!


A couple of tools for your assignment. We know the grouping that the company has chosen...Luxury, Premium, Select, and Longer Stays.  We also have a current head count by brand from the reservation system. Using these two fact groups and any other wild thoughts in your head.....How would you do the brand squeeze?  You are allowed to move brands from one grouping to W from Luxury to Premium.