Maldives hotels suddenly not on website?

Discussion created by mnimmer on Jan 15, 2019
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communitymanagers, there appears to be a problem with points bookings for Maldives hotels on Marriott website. I've been waiting to book a points reservation for the Maldives next year, and three days ago there was wide open availability at the W, Sheraton, and Westin, and limited availability at the St. Regis. The JW was also showing on the search results as opening in summer 2019. Then, two days ago, when I was finally ready and able to make my reservation, the points availability for all four Maldives hotel disappeared entirely from September through January. However, all Maldives hotels at least showed up in my search. Then yesterday, the only Maldives hotel showing up at all is the St. Regis, and there's no availability for the next year. Today, the W is showing through October only (but I only found that through going to the hotel's website, not the main Marriott search). What is going on with the website? 


It's obviously not an issue of the hotels selling out, or it wouldn't have been all four hotels losing two to three months of availability on the same day...and then disappearing from searches entirely the next day. Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this issue? 




Any idea when this issue will be resolved? I'd like to lock in my reservation before the points increase. Thanks.