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Missing credit card points!

Question asked by mkbarrus on Jan 15, 2019

Hi all! I am an SPG/ Marriott Gold Member and Premier Plus credit card holder. 


This past December, I decided to upgrade my Marriott rewards credit card from the regular version to the Premier Plus. Since upgrading, all of my December points (for both regular spend and the upgrade bonus) are missing from my Marriott account. This is a total of nearly 52k points.


Upon noticing, I reached out to Marriott and was told this was an issue with Chase and to call them. I did this and of course, as I’d originally suspected, Chase had processed everything correctly and my points were reflected on my December credit card statement. I then called Marriott back and had to speak with multiple people, which took over an hour of my time, to be told they would “open a case” and I wouldn’t hear back for up to 10 days.


I would like to use these points to book travel this week and am having difficulty getting this problem fixed. Any solutions? Thanks!