Hotels that Don't make availability on points, Name & shame

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Jan 13, 2019
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So I know, so older time posters may remember me, and I read allot but dont post much these days.


I am starting this thread as I went in today to plan the family 2019 Late year vacation.

We went to Maui this past year on points and had a lovely time at the Residence Inn Maui (no pesky add on fees, just parking of $25/day)

This year (2019) we want to go to San Juan for the Christmas break, Almost every hotel Marriottwood has shows available on points except the vacation clubs (Get that they give the TS owners preference) AND


Availability for most of those days just opened today.  I was online at 5AM eastern time to book and NO AWARD AVAILABILITY. Cash reservations are available. 


So I am naming and shaming them.


I go to San Juan on business so from now on, La Concha is off my list and I will not stay there. If my money is good enough then points stays 350 days out should be available.


This property is clearly violating the Marriottwood program.


Feel free to add your name and shame properties.

In case you are curious, I did book at the Marriott in Condado ( San Juan), its down the block from La Concha, its on the same beach, and its the same category.


It burns me so much that despite my loyalty Marriottwood has no mechanism to monitor except complaints.