What is the real value besides points?

Discussion created by mwpalmer on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by j&c

I am really struggling here.  Besides points, is there any value to the Elite programs?  Like millions of other travelers, I am a Platinum Elite.  Frankly, it isn't that big a deal because it seems we all are at that level.  I recently stayed in a Singapore Marriott.  They "upgraded" me from a standard room to an executive room.  I have stayed in this hotel 8 times, I know that the rooms are the same, just on different floors.  I had lounge access with both rooms. So really, there was no upgrade even though they bragged that they had upgraded me.  It is seldom, if ever, that I really get an upgrade from my Platinum status.  When you stay in a Ritz Carlton, you have to pay for Club access which is the same as Marriott Executive Lounge access. Are these the same programs? Why am I paying Ritz Carlton for something that is free at Marriott.  And like I said, there are so many Platinum Elite people now, there is no special check-in and nothing special about staying in a hotel as a Platinum Elite.  The only real advantage is getting the 50% point bonus. I do like the Marriott hotels and the points really are precious.  But for anyone with an ego and wanting to feel special in their hotels, forget it.  Take the points and be happy!