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Who else experienced Marriott Processing their Hotel Reservation that was made with points not yet deducted from their reward account?

Question asked by prnsesmaldonia on Jan 12, 2019
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Seriously after the end of this year with weeks prior to spent on Marriott, updating our home and traveling I needed a break.  I finally got on line today to check out my account and make some travel decision when I realized my point balance had been drastically reduced. So after spending lots of time trying to figure out what happened I realized that on January 3 Marriott went into my account and all the reservations I had for the upcoming year without points added they took the liberty to take points out of my account.  I was totally shocked.  Spend way past too long on the phone after I was told by the staff member that this was their NEW policy. I finally asked to speak with her supervisor and was disconnected....I decided to try another method and spoke with a lovely person who just added all my points back to my account and left my reservations in place with no e-certificate.  Has others had this experience and if so how did you handle it.?