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Please Help! I need to speak with someone who can authorize a Reward Point reimbursement.

Question asked by rsy6 on Jan 10, 2019
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In November, I stayed at the Marriott Marquis in NY for the marathon. It was an AMAZING experience and I loved my stay at the hotel. However, I was double charged and although MBS agrees with this, they are having extreme difficulty affecting the reimbursement. I need your help. 



I used 50,000 points for a one night's stay. Prior to arriving I asked if there was room, could I pay for a second night's stay and was told there was. 


When I checked in the hostess gave me even better news. She told me that she was able to offer me a better deal and that my points would cover both nights minus some room tax and any amenities that I use.


My stay was fantastic and I was charged (In addition to the points) $75.73 for room service and Destination Fees/taxes. 


A few weeks later my credit card was charged an additional amount from Marriott. After several conversations and weeks w/Justin G., Joshua B., and Jasmine, in Business Services, I was finally transferred to Melanie Tisoe, their supervisor. Melanie agreed that I had been double charged and that I should be refunded my points (50k) plus receive the points for the two nights that I paid for my stay. This was just before Christmas 2018. I was told that it would take 5-7 business days for the reimbursement to take place. And I was perfectly satisfied with this. 


On January 7, 2019, I called MBS again because I had not received an update. Joan told me that Melanie was unavailable and clarified that what we agreed to was that I would receive my 50,000 point refund for the double payment and that I would also receive my points for the two nights stay. She said she was having difficulty reaching the hotel and that she would call me back later that afternoon. When I called back several hours later, Francis took the call and told me that Joan was unavailable. Rather than have to repeat the situation to a 6th person, I asked to be transferred to Melanie. I was placed on hold for 10-15 minutes and then told that she was on the line and very busy and unavailable. I asked who her manager was because I was concerned that a manager was so busy that she was unable to respond to an issue that she had helped with previously and he said there is no one higher than Melanie. 


Francis confirmed that the plan was for me to be refunded 50,000 points and that I would receive the points for my paid two nights stay. I asked for an email confirming this was the plan and he said one would be sent to me. I was satisfied with that and ended the call. I did not receive a recap of our conversation or of next steps and have yet to receive my refund. 


Today is January 10th, and I'm currently on the line with Ron. He has also indicated that Melanie is unavailable to speak with me. I have been on the line for 40 minutes waiting while he attempts to speak with Melanie and I believe the manager of the NY Marriott Marquis. 


Since MBS and I are in agreement, I am confused why one arm of Marriott is unable to work with the other to help a client. I don't know how to assist Melanie in this and am a bit frustrated that I have yet to receive my refunded points and that I have had to contact Marriott repeatedly on this issue particularly since we are on the same page.


I have spoken to no less than 7 employees and have been given three different reference numbers over the course of nearly two months as they attempt to work this out which seems excessive.  And Ron just informed me that when tried speaking with the manager of the NY Marriott Marquis that the manager hung up on him. 


Who else can I reach out to help?