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I do not know where else to turn for help, so as a last ditch attempt I am trying here

Question asked by bpevnick on Jan 10, 2019
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I have been a loyal Marriott customer for a number of years and currently have Platinum elite status.  I have always enjoyed all aspects of Marriott, including its customer service and wonderful properties.  I really will not look elsewhere when I stay for business and leisure travel.  I had a recent issue at one of the properties where I was fed misinformation by the property itself, which led to being charged for a night that I had originally booked as a reward redemption (due to insufficient points).  I feel utterly cheated by this occurrence and have spent hours of my time speaking with the property, Marriott Rewards customer service, and Chase Marriott and everyone has been telling me "there is nothing we can do for you".  I really cannot believe the treatment I have received, including by one of the rudest representatives (Evelyn) who continuously cut me off while speaking and tried to belittle my perspectives.  She actually accused me of lying too, which was seriously unbelievable.  I am sure that in a court of public opinion, I would recover these charges, but unfortunately feel completely powerless against the bureaucracy that I have been facing. 


I am so frustrated by this experience that I'm questioning whether I would be willing to ever stay at a Marriott property again--and I told that to the customer service representative--but have still been given restitution.  As a last ditch attempt to believe that there are good people at Marriott who actually care about customer loyalty, I write this message to see if anyone is willing to speak with me about my issue?  If not, unfortunately, I will have to switch to another company who appreciates the loyalty I have given for many years and expect for many more years to come.