What is it about some maids being rude during an extended stay.

Discussion created by davenr7 on Jan 10, 2019
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Preface to this question; it is in regards to housekeeping and occurred during an extended stay lasting the better part of 1 month.
This ONLY pertains to one maid, the rest of the staff are quite friendly and aside from this my stay was exceptional.
I'll continue, I want to be clear- i am not seeking any points, and sort of money, or vouchers or discounts. I want to keep this from becoming more of the same dismissal of complaint that typically takes place. If an honest apology is unavailable, then i'll look forward to crossing that bridge when it comes.
I understand an individual who's stay is for a short period this lady wouldn't be as noticeably rude as she is after seeing her day after day. The fact that she appears to enjoy having you reexplain things, or just the matter of being able to basically get away with being rude because she has probably done just that for who knows how long.
So being that we are staying longer than most people do, I find it to be unacceptable for the maid to be this way.
Being that I keep the room clean, don't ask for towels unless i need them, and will even vacuum when it's needed, for me that is usually in the evening time when I' getting ready to go to bed, i like to vacuum so i don't have to wake up to little bits and pieces on the floor.
In closing, All that would make me happy is to have the maid i speak of stay to me, not with an air of falseness, but a meaningful apology,  because as far is it goes my house burned down, the thing i want to not be a thing is the maid.


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