Earning Points as a Non-Staying Guest.

Discussion created by worldwidetraveller on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by yogib

I have tried at least three restaurants in the Mideast where a non-staying guest can earn points while dining (qualified charges) at their restaurants.  At one restaurant, points were credited into my account fairly quickly.  The other two did not.


Contacted MR support and was told that a non-staying guest can earn points at these facilities with qualified charges.  When questioned about what determines a restaurant in their facility would give points to a non-staying guest, I was told that if one can charge the cost to the room, then the restaurant should participate the program by credit points to my account.  But that is not happening.  The two restaurants that did not credit points to my account were in JW Marriott Marquis and Aloft.


There is no real explanation from MR Support why I could not get points, except quoting the term and conditions.


Has anyone experienced this issue before?