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Reservations Web Page Navigation - Easy Upgrade?

Question asked by ssindc on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2019 by verysuiteboy

Quick (and, oh so minor) Q: has anyone else noticed that (or struggled with or been frustrated by)that, when you're using the Reservations Page (or, in other words, the Find and Reserve function), the Find and Reserve button (at the top of the page) disappears (once you start looking at individual properties)?


Specifically, after you search a DESTINATION (for dates), and you get a list of hotels (or, if you use the MAP view, where you see the hotels plotted on the map), while you can still EDIT your search (which includes changing the location); ... but .... you lose that function once you open the window to look at the rates for a specific hotel or visit the specific hotel's home page (at which point you can only edit the DATES). 


To be clear, if you visit the hotel's home page (rather than the rates page) you do get - at the top of the screen - a link back to (with a pull down menu that could take you back to Find and Reserve), so that's (a step or two) better than the rates page....


I find this particularly irritating when I'm trying to compare properties in massive urban markets with innumerable choices (think New York City - Manhattan - Brooklyn), where, by refining your location, different properties rise to the top.  I feel like I'm constantly starting over, rather than tweaking....


If you're also found this (more than a little, but ... unnecessarily) frustrating, please weigh in  ... and maybe communitymanagers can pass the suggestion along... It seems like an easy fix - to always have access to the Find and Reserve button (or reset button) at the top of the page.