Platinum Challenge Charade

Discussion created by evancheng on Jan 9, 2019
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Summary: We signed up for Platinum challenge and exceeded the 16 nights in 3 months requirement. Unfortunately Marriott didn't upgrade my status from Gold to Platinum. The representatives came up with all kind of excuses.



  • Signed up over the phone at the beginning of October. We asked and was assured nights paid for by points would count
  • Stayed 6 nights (October) in The Prince Gallery Tokyo
  • Stayed 3 nights (November) in The London Edition
  • Stayed 7 nights (December) in Courtyard Taipei Downtown; booked with points
    • We checked with Marriott representatives before this booking about eligibility
  • Stayed 3 nights (December) in Tokyo Marriott
  • We have checked with Marriott representatives about status of Platinum challenge. We were assured that it would be completed after the last trip.
  • Waited a few days for status change. Nothing happened.
  • Called representative for the first time. She was polite. She explained that she filed a request and asked us to wait a week.
  • Called a second time, then a third time. Stayed on phone for hours each time. Super rude representatives, with one who claimed to a supervisor yelling at my wife. Disconnected multiple times. Gave us various excuses:
    • I never registered because there was no email confirmation
    • I wasn't eligible for the challenge because I was already a gold member
    • I wasn't eligible because I signed up for some other promotion
    • Nights paid for by points don't count
    • ...


At this point, we felt very cheated. We lost the Platinum status when the merger happened. Then this fiasco. I would think a company in the hospitality business would be honest and treat its guests with respect. But we weren't shown any. Has anyone had similar experience? Any suggestions?