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Why were we not told about these changes until now?

Question asked by wongtim10 on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by bacon14

During the merger of the programs (SPG, Ritz Carleton and Marriott Rewards)  when did they announce that there will no longer be rollover nights credited to help you re-qualify for your status?  This was a great feature for non-lifetime members.  I had a big travel year for me where I religiously stayed at a Marriott or SPG property for almost 100 nights.


I was also quite excited to meet the legacy lifetime Marriott gold status 700+ stays and 1.6 million points by Dec 2018 and was hoping to be mapped to the Lifetime platinum level since I finally made it; considering Canada does not have a good financial Marriott credit card that I keep reading about in this forum to help me get stays like the Marriott Premier VISA in the US or UK.  I recently read a post that it will be judged on August 2018 and not the YE of 2018 so I feel I have wasted my time.


This seem to be a disappointment at every turn to reach lifetime platinum.