I don't know how to say my name according to Marriott

Discussion created by mdtravel on Jan 8, 2019

So I'm a lifetime blah and a lifetime blah with the two programs and continue to be frustrated by just things in general.  I'll ignore the devaluation as well as me believing I hit the top tier (100 nights, $20k spend) last year and Marriott won't explain it.


The biggest peeve I have is when I actually need to do something that involves a human.  I call the number on my SPG plat card b/c, well, Marriott hasn't sent me a new one despite me hitting Plat for 2018 in like August.  I am asked to enter my number which I do. Then I'm asked to say my name and I am told that it isn't the name on the account...three times.  Then I get put in some queue to wait for someone to help me.


So, where is Marriott getting my name and why do you believe you know it better than I?