Marriott is Listening

Discussion created by trippinbillies40 on Jan 7, 2019
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Given my (temporary) frustrations with my ambassador, I reached out to a couple higher ups at Marriott and to my surprise, they both actually got back to me.  For the sake of their voicemail and email inboxes, I'll keep contact info or how I found them out of this, but suffice to say, I feel like they care.


I had about an hour long phone conversation today with a Director, and I feel like it was very positive. My goal was to explain how what I had envisioned as my service level after staying 170 nights with Marriott last year differed from what I was receiving. I tried my best to leave emotion out of it and just let him know what I was seeing.


I really got the sense between both people that they are definitely aware that their customer base isn't happy and that they're trying hard to get the train back on the tracks. I can certainly feel for them as this was a gigantic merger. "Everyone has a plan till you get punched in the face" seems like a good quote for them right now. The constant IT headaches are probably getting in the way of what they're trying to deliver for customer service.


Anyways, not trying to defend where the state of Marriott customer service is at. I think both MR and their customers think things need to improve. And given that two higher-level people took the time to listen to what I had to say and provide some feedback as well was pretty darn encouraging.  


And it's a good thing too. I thought my work travel was going to die down at least a bit this year, but here I am at a Fairfield Inn in smelly Nampa ID on night 3 of 15 this month.  Maybe next month it'll die down? One can dream...