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After reading many bad things about SNA's recently (i.e. Suite Night Award Scam -- Beware) and having a bit of doubts myself, I had great success with my SNA's and thought I would share it.  In addition, I'd encourage anyone who has attempted to use these to vote on pingreeman's poll, "Suite Night Reward Success Rate," which for whatever reason, I can't tag.  Right now my vote brought the success rate up to 50%.


So, onto my experience (caution - math ahead) - I was planning this trip to the Baltic States to hit Christmas markets, which remain open up here till 06 or 07 January.  The only Marriott option in Tallinn, Estonia (a great city, by the way) is the Autograph property - Hotel Telegraaf.  The base rate was 167 Euros a night for a "Cozy Comfort" room.  Since we were bringing the kids, I needed two of these as they very clearly were actually cozy.  I was able to get a discount rate of 115 Euros per night.  For the 4 night stay, this meant 460 Euros per room.  However, I booked one of them with my Citi Prestige card to get the fourth night free.  So 345 Euros for that room, 460 for the other.

I still hadn't tried out these SNA's, but thought I'd give them a try if it could save me the cost of getting a second room.  One of the options was a 1 Bedroom suite with a King that I could also request rollaways for.  This room had a rate of 769 Euros per night, or 3076 Euros for the 4 nights.  I applied 4 of my 5 SNA's and just waited, getting less and less hopeful as I read posts that described failure after failure. 

However, sure enough, 5 days out (and three days before my cancellation window), my request cleared and I cancelled the second room (the one without the 4th night free benefit).  As a result, I paid 345 Euros for a 3078 Euro value, just over 10%, and couldn't have been more pleased.  Of course, I never would have paid the 3078, I would have stuck with the two Cozy rooms, 345 Euros plus 460 Euros = 805 Euros, but even that is over 50% savings and the extra space was helpful.

The Suite was incredible, had 1.5 bathrooms, tub with separate shower, high ceilings, a large sitting area with a dining table and plenty of room. 

They provided free breakfast in the restaurant for all of us with my PPE status and it was great.  It included both the menu and the buffet, which, incidentally, included the best little macaroons.  One day we took a ferry trip over to Helsinki and back and they even packed us each a breakfast including drinks, etc.  The staff were all incredibly helpful and attentive, getting to know my family's preferences, even on a relatively short stay.  The location is also perfect, just a hundred yards off the central town hall square.

I can't say enough great things about this hotel, and outside of Christmas market dates or peak summer travel, rates are fairly low.

Back on SNA's, I was certainly skeptical as a former Marriotteer without any experience with them, but I am now an SNA believer (enthusiast?) and am a bit disappointed that I chose a free night cert instead of more of these gems.  In all reality, these SNA's were equivalent to a free night cert each as they allowed me to cancel the second room for the children.  Next year it is 10 SNA's for me.