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Discussion created by ready4atrip on Jan 5, 2019
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I have a query:


We recently found out that the Starwood/Marriott breach may have affected 500 million people.

That is a staggering amount.


Since Marriott has that many people making reservations at their hotels, why would they care about loyalty?

They really don't have that much competition.

There are many places where I do not find Hyatts, Hiltons, or InterContinental Hotels.  

Now that Marriott has reached a dominating place among hotel brands, they get their hotels filled just by mere widespread existence.


I do understand that if all things are equal and I had a choice between Marriott or another corporate hotel in a location, I should pick Marriott because benefits afforded me through my status (=loyalty) would give me extra value.


But still, with 500 million people who make reservations at their properties, why do they need me?  Why do they really care?  In reality, the high tier reward members are a small handful.  


I do gripe along with the best of us that Marriott seems to have lost their personalization and care about their loyal followers.  I spent a sum of money with the goal of achieving  Lifetime Platinum Premier status so I would have outstanding benefits.  But in my experience in 2018 and continuing into this new year, the perks are more difficult to acquire and the customer service has been less than desired.


But again, why would huge Marriott care?  When they were growing their brand, it was important.  But now that they have swallowed up much of their competition, do we actually matter?


There is the point that maybe they need customer loyalty now more than ever, as no one trusts them because of the breach.  But they are fixing it, and the new system should be stronger than before.


500 million people making reservations with them.  Wow.


Just venting and a question.  

Honestly, just a query of what you all think.