Points stay at the Ritz vs Marriott in Okinawa

Discussion created by travelninja on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by sorot76

Insiders newbie here! I’m traveling to Okinawa next month with my mom and considering redeeming my Marriott points for a stay at either the Ritz or the Marriott. I was originally leaning Ritz given their superior reviews and higher room rates if one was to book with cash (not always, but in general that seemed to be true).


What is causing me to pause is whether or not my PPE status will go as far with Ritz as it will with Marriott. Based on my limited knowledge of the two properties, this Rotz doesn’t have a club level while the Marriott does have an executive lounge I could take advantage of. The Marriott also is a bigger property, which I thought might increase my chances of getting upgraded to a nicer room.


Curious to know what you all all think about the two options and which one may offer a better experience.