Marriott Article in USA Today 1/4/2019

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Anybody else see this?


Marriott says fewer customers affected by massive data hacking 


I'd been holding off on calling the Security Incident hotline, but after reading this I thought they finally had specific information regarding individuals personal information. Sadly, the hotline representative was not able to look at my account or provide specific information as to whether or not my account was involved. The rep wanted to defer me to the WebWatch enrollment program. I asked if there was any way to determine if either passport or credit card information was at risk. She said she could place a request with "the research team" who could either email or call me, my choicle I asked that they call me directly. She had no estimate on when I would hear from them.


As for the passport, if you want to obtain a new one and incur expenses you must write and request reimbursement for the cost of the passport and any fees associated with it at the following address:

Marriott International Inc.

10400 Sernwod Rd

Bethesda MD 20817

ATTN: Dept. 41911.01-Claims