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Should SPG points triple when merged with Marriott account?

Question asked by panditalinda on Jan 5, 2019
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My SPG and Marriott accounts merged together in August and the points that transferred from SPG didn't triple when they went into my Marriott account. I only just noticed and am wondering what I can do to fix this.

I had called Marriott in October when I noticed that two of my Marriott stays in Mid-August didn't post and the customer service agent was able to apply them but she was confused and concerned with a number of points that "suddenly" appeared as she was working on posting my stays. She asked me if I knew how many points I had in my Marriott account prior to my call.  I was able to tell her a round about number because I had recently checked and she said that she had to fix the points that she accidentally added.  Now that I go into my Marriott account and see that my accounts merged the same day I called her I wonder if that was what she happened to see?  I am worried I have lost 75,030 points. Maybe not a huge amount to the big time people here but a significant amount to me.