Platinum Elite support is a joke!

Discussion created by fanocle on Jan 5, 2019

I have now had 5 separate conversations with Platinum Elite support team members. I have to say that I am far from impressed. I am not  even sure if it is the same friendly team who has now gone rogue and disgruntled, or if it is a new Marriott group that has taken over. If I were to describe what is wrong with them I would say it is the following:


1. All seem to be in a rush to get off the phone

2. Not very interested in exploring options, not even when I am paying cash!!!!!

3. They seem genuinely all unhappy and monotone

4. I seem to be getting different rates according to the person I speak to


All I can think of is that the grass is becoming genuinely greener on the other side of the Hilton and Hyatt fence.