Should we be concerned with our points account?

Discussion created by pauly222 on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by amonteiro1982

Was just looking at the Insiders discussion treads and I'm wondering am I the only one with little trust that my points bank will not be pillaged?


Here's the thing,IT has had major problems in the last year or so.Many things have gone wrong from status,benefits,bookings missing or cancelled or points not given or taken in error.


I've emailed  about the 29 ways to stay missing points and no reply has been given even after 3 weeks.Not 1 word.Yes,it's only 1k points,but it's worth 10$.If my  bank took out 10$ I would be concerned and ask questions.


I'm anal in nature,i check and double check everything at least weekly.How many normal members have missing points on stays or in their bank that they don't even know about and worst won't?

When does it become an issue?

Now i'm not stating people are going in and stealing points,omiting points  or cancelling reservations in malice,but when all is said and done and we lose points/$ is there a difference for the members?


Do you trust MR with your points/$ account? Do you trust that they have the backup and knowledge in the system to make things right if us members notice something missing? How much responsibility and energy is acceptable for the members have to watch everything?