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Double errors on 3 night stays to Platinum. Ideas?

Question asked by redfuel on Jan 4, 2019

Hi everyone. I'm hoping for a little advice.


I'm 3 nights away (2018) from Platinum due to two different issues with a hotel in Belgrade and one in Barcelona. Both had 3 nights each (separately) I expected to credit for 2018 - wouldn't have made the trips otherwise.


3 nights at Metropol Palace ended up being master billed to a client I went to visit who set up the stay for me out of convenience - I was originally to pay directly but they ended up covering it under my invoice to them. It ended up being "master billed" as I understand it now instead of direct even though I'd asked for this specifically. Lost in translation.


3 nights at the Four Points in BCN was for a second room for friends (2 rooms x 3 nights each) which I paid for directly, but now also from reading this board I understand was an SPG policy before the merger and has now changed, so missing 3 nights there.


Thought I was smart to get to 53 but in fact stuck at 47 now unless I possibly ask my client to retroactively change the hotel billing, which would be unideal and am not sure it could be done logistically...could it?


Any ideas? These were all paid by me so I feel I should get credit. Thanks.


- S