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How to contact consumer affairs?

Question asked by jameslysaghtsr on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2019 by musa.s

Can anyone tell me how to contact Consumer Affairs?  I was grossly overcharged on a stay and have been talking to the standard 800 number customer support for over 2 months.  They repeatedly tell me I will get a refund and "someone" will call me in 24 hours .  No one ever calls!  and of course no refund!   Now they tell me it has been escalated to "International Consumer Affairs" and that I must call 301-380-3000 for help.  But when I call that number they tell me they can not transfer me to anyone and hang up on me.  I have been a platinum member for years but right now all I am getting is the platinum runaround.