Travel package confusion

Discussion created by melroseman on Jan 3, 2019
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OK...I have been patient with Marriott reps given all the changes.  But it's been months now and things should be better.


I had an old category 7 certificate that of course now maps only to a category 5, so I called to a) get an extension of a "new" category 5 certificate and upgrade it to a "new" category 6 which more closely approximates the hotel selection of the old category 7 I had.  After a half-hour or so on hold while the CSR "investigated": it was ultimately extended so I am the proud owner of a category 5 5 night certificate (as a vacation club owner).


I then asked about upgrading it to a "new" category six.  After another long hold I was told it would be 135,000 points.  I said that was ridiculous, the difference to get one is 40,000 points, and I could do the whole 5 nights for 200,000 points so I said goodbye.


Tried again today.  First CSR said we don't upgrade travel packages anymore.  That was the first I heard, so I asked for a supervisor.  I got another CSR that said "we don't upgrade travel packages anymore"  When I asked again for a supervisor I was told it was a 25 minute wait.  Since it had already beey 45 minutes I said "No thank you"


Is this the new policy?