Hotel Restaurant Review: Main Kitchen (JW Marriott Downtown Houston, TX)

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***Below is a comprehensive review of three separate meals***






Occasion: While on a New Year's Eve staycation at the Aloft Downtown my wife & I ventured over to Main Kitchen a couple of blocks away for New Year's Day breakfast. 


Ambiance: Anytime I step foot into a JW Marriott I'm immediately flooded with good memories simply by smelling the signature 'Subtle Sophistication' scent of Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. Aside from the signature smell of the hotel, which is always good, the interior design of this particular property's common elements was a chic mixture of industrial grit and contemporary elegance. The design elements were truly lovely and the Christmas decorations still lingering about were a nice touch. The hotel itself was busy but never felt overcrowded or too loud.


Service: My wife & I were greeted at the hotel entrance by a kind valet and his supervisor, both of which politely opened the door for us and greeted us with a warm, "Welcome back." As we ventured our way through the lobby to the hostess stand we were greeted by the hostess on duty and promptly escorted to our two-top table by the window. Within a couple of minutes of us having been seated 3 hotel employees (the hostess, the service attendant, and our waitress) all completed a table-touch, thus greeting us and bringing anything we needed. While our waitress was not entirely personable or warm, she was attentive and prompt. Once our meal had concluded and we began our exit we were offered a parting, "I hope you enjoyed yourselves, have a wonderful day" by the service manager on duty who was standing near the hostess stand.


Food: My wife ordered the Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding with a side of bacon and I ordered the Frontier Breakfast Tacos with a side of chicken breakfast sausage. All of our food was very delicious and prepared quite nicely. My wife's breakfast pudding was a completely new dish for the both of us to try and we ended up really liking it; she managed to get 3 full meals out of it because of how (a) large the portion-size was, and (b) how filling the actual food was. My breakfast tacos were flavorful, juicy, and loaded with just the right amount of contents without being overloaded and difficult to eat.


(Frontier Breakfast Tacos)


(Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding)


Overall Impressions: The JW Marriott concept is arguably my favorite of the Marriott brands not only because of the modern luxury elements of the hotels, but also because of the concept's strong pursuit of culinary excellence. Main Kitchen at the JW Marriott Downtown Houston offered a good enough overall breakfast experience to make me want to return for more breakfast, and for dinner as well.







DINNER - - - 


Occasion: Given that I run a Houston-based food & wine Instagram account I'll, on occasion, get invited to a restaurant to wine & dine with the expectation that I will post pictures, videos, and ultimately a review about it. This is something that I absolutely love to do, not only because I get to experience lots of unique food and delicious drinks, but also because I relish the opportunity to share positive experiences. Our recent dinner experience at Main Kitchen was such an experience..


ServiceThe JW Marriott Downtown Houston's marketing coordinator made the dinner reservation for my wife & I and, upon arrival to the restaurant, we were greeted by the Food & Beverage Manager, Mr. Robert Albright. Robert, and our server, Luis, immediately turned a good evening into an exceptional evening by their hospitality, generosity, and attentiveness. Between the table touches (by both Robert and the Sous Chef), the pleasant service given to us by Luis, our server, and the unique parting gift of assorted goodies, our entire experience was neatly wrapped in a velvety blanket of true hospitality.


Food: From the moment we were seated to the moment we left our table to head home, the entire dining experience was full of all kinds of delicacies. Each and every dish we had was truly delicious and prepared by a skillful and knowledgeable kitchen team.


Pancetta Brussels Sprouts


Brussels Sprouts in Ponzu


Goat Cheese Agnolotti


Truffle Gnocchi


Day Boat Scallops (1/2)


Day Boat Scallops (2/2)


The calm before the storm...


Rosemary Ribeye


Double Chocolate Oreo Tart


Drinks: I was pleasantly surprised to find that each and every drink I had while dining at Main Kitchen was desirable in its own right. Robert, the F&B Manager, also mentioned to us that he was in the process of revamping the cocktail program to make room for some more classics, which is always welcome in my book. I look forward to seeing what tricks he has up his sleeve.


The Game Changer


My wife's mocktail


806 Maggie


The Agave Expression


Macallan 15-yr.


In Closing: Our entire dining experience was a very pleasant and enjoyable one. The food and drinks made dinner a joy to the senses, and the hospitality made my wife & I feel greatly valued and appreciated. The parting gift was the cherry on top.


Bath bomb, lip balm, caramel popcorn, and sugared almonds.





Occasion: My wife & I like to use the few hours of "alone time" that fall between us each getting off of work and us picking our son up from childcare to go on mini-dates. Yesterday, 11/6/2019, I was desiring to venture to back to Main Kitchen. My wife agreed we should go, especially since it's only a handful of blocks from our son's childcare. We spent a good 1.5 hours eating small bites, sipping on our preferred beverages, talking, and enjoying the lively energy both inside and outside of the hotel. Below are some appetizing pixelated morsels for your viewing pleasure:



806 Maggie


The Agave Expression


Brussels Sprouts


Buffalo Cauliflower (one of the best dishes I've eaten)


Margherita Pizza


Cheese & Charcuterie


I'd also like to use this time to express gratitude towards Robert Albright, who is the Beverage Director at Main Kitchen and 806 Lounge (the hotel's bar). He not only ensured that our very first experience at Main Kitchen was exceptional, but he also recently extended an invitation to me to attend the hotel's upcoming 5-Year Celebration (which is an invite-only event). For this I am most thankful. I look forward to sharing photos and tidbits of information from that event with you all here soon.



Until next time!