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Where Is My Infinity Symbol?

Question asked by pamelamaesnap on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by xtinarenee

So, new year ... zeroed out, as expected ... but here's my plight:


I apparently earned Lifetime Platinum last year (721 nights, 13 years at Platinum) and my symbol next to my name had the infinity sign in the platinum (hope I'm explaining this right). 


Now, I'm still platinum and, even with all the columns zeroed out, it shows "0 night needed to renew platinum" BUT my symbol no longer shows the infinity sign and it just says "Platinum Elite," not "Lifetime Platinum Elite."


Anyone else here who was dubbed LPE also missing the infinity sign? Should I be worried? (I don't think I can achieve the stay/point levels of my past, especially now that we don't get rollover nights OR credit card nights).


Thanks in advance ... and Happy New Year to all! Hope if there's a DC get-together I can join in!