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NYC Eastside Hotel Recommendations (using points)

Question asked by gjodieg on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by piecesofvinyl

Which NYC hotel would you recommend, preferably on the Eastside?


We are a couple without kids and my 6th visit to New York so we know are way around the city well. We just prefer an Eastside location for the hotel.


We have stayed at the Marriott Eastside twice before (which we love) and the Renaissance Midtown just after it opened. Before the merger we had provisionally booked the Eastside again and the Essex House (because it’s the Essex House!) but overnight during the merger the points rate increased and was out of our range so we cancelled both. I have booked the Residence Inn next to the Lexington but now doubting the choice especially as it comes up as a 3 star hotel. We have been spoilt at the Marriott and Renaissance on the last few stays. The last 3 star I stayed in was the Hotel Pennsylvania a long time ago (I believe it’s now a 2 star!), and a rat ran across the room! 


I have 180k points to use for a 5 night stay.