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Let Golds buy lounge for something less than rack rate.

Question asked by t.toirram on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by pey

History: 20 yr MR member with 8 yrs of MR Gold.  Mostly leisure traveler with mix of 5 biz nights per year, we travel 30-40 nights per year using combination of Marriott/Hilton/Omni, always book where I get the most for my money.  Took MR Gold challenge during the 2008 financial crisis so it was easy to buy back status every year, when buyback ended opened the RC Visa to keep status going.  Only motivation for MR Gold was lounge, we are not big breakfast eaters so being able to get free coffee early and then going back for a bowl of cereal and not having to deal with waiters or bills in restaurant was worth a lot to us.  Same in the evening having the honor bar in the lounge before we went out for dinner was great, and when we travel to UK the drinks are free and the lounges outstanding.


August merger got us PE i believe until end of Feb 2019 at which point we will fall back to Gold and lose the lounge. So only option now is to stay exclusively at Marriott since RC Visa gives me an automatic 15 night at start of year.  This would mean giving up Hilton/Omni (also 20 yrs members on each).  Always do 10 nights at Omni to keep platinum since we get upgraded 90% of the time and free coffee delivered every morning.  For Hilton I keep HH Gold by leveraging MR Gold with Hilton status match every year.


Most Marriotts will now let you book an executive room allowing you access to lounge or M Club, why not offer MR Golds a super discounted rate so that I can buy access and reduced cost which I would gladly pay for. Really don't want to be married to one chain and losing the lounge is real deal breaker for me.  Thanks.