Suite Night Award Scam -- Beware

Discussion created by damoswildcat on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by jerseydoll

Platinum Premier Elite member here...I have an upcoming 9-night stay at Scrub Island Resort in the BVI. I applied 9 SNA credits to ensure a nice upgrade and selected all available room types to increase my chances. To my surprise, this morning I received an email stating that my SNA request was denied.


I immediately went to Marriott online and input the dates of my stay to see if any of the selected suite upgrade rooms were still available for the 9 nights I will be staying at the resort. Sure enough, the basic suite is still available. I then called Marriott Rewards to get some help to secure my SNA upgrade...Spoke with 2 Marriott reps and a Manager -- all 3 shared that the SNA system is "automated" and they can't do anything to help me with my upgrade. Couldn't escalate me to another supervisor either. Last attempt was to have the Marriott Rewards Manager contact the property General Manager directly. The GM of the property provided the same lame excuse -- "system is automated and we can't do anything about it". 


Are you kidding? Of course the GM can override and give me the SNA upgrade (even if it comes as a complimentary upgrade given the system error). 


I'm beyond frustrated. I give such a significant amount of my $ and time to Marriott and they can't even so much as help me with a guaranteed benefit. Unless this is resolved before my trip (January 5) - I'll be cancelling my Marriott SPG credit card and switching to Hilton for 2019 and beyond. I can't even describe how frustrated an disappointed I am --Platinum Premier Elite isn't worth jack to me if the benefits don't apply. 


I'll update in a few days.