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New Platinum Elite member - Newb Question!

Question asked by corykantar on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by trippinbillies40

Hey all, new here.  I am an SPG member who was merged in to Marriot after the acquisition. We had a flood from a faulty kitchen faucet this year, and ended up staying at the residence in for 124 nights in a room suite, and added a second room single room suite for 99 nights.  I think before the stay I was silver elite, after i am now platinum elite + ambassador.  During the stay i upgraded to the SPG Luxury card, and I believe I should be getting a 75% points bonus.  I appear to only have gotten a 25% points bonus, and only got points for one of the two rooms so I am trying to get that sorted out.  Question for the community, all of this puts me at a lifetime of 234 nights, and a spent of over 30K for 2018, is there any thing i should try and take advantage of before the end of the year?  Seems like i'll only have ambassador through 01/2020 unless I end up with some kind of crazy stay next year, I don't generally travel that much for work maybe 15 nights/year.