Unresolved complaint: Unsafe advice and robbery

Discussion created by cherielynn on Dec 30, 2018
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Hoping someone here can help us make progress on this unresolved complaint so we can finally put this behind us. In brief... We went to the Marbella Beach Resort property in Spain for a two week stay last Christmas. There were 5 from our family traveling in a rented van from the airport after a morning flight. We were really excited to be arriving since all the marketing materials advertised this property as a relaxing luxury getaway by a quaint Spanish town. At check-in, we were cheerfully directed by the front desk to a very specific supermarket within driving distance since our room wasn't ready yet. See photo of map the front desk person made us. While we were shopping, thieves broke into our car in broad daylight, and we had $10,000 of property stolen (electronics, valuables, clothing--almost all of what we brought for the two week stay). No one was hurt physically, thank goodness. We had to take multiple trips to the police station to file reports and have them fingerprint the car. The police were not all at surprised that we were robbed since they knew this as a crime hotspot. Definitely not how we were expecting to spend this vacation! There were no cameras at that supermarket, and as far as we know, the thieves were never caught. We were disappointed when we found out that the hotel knew how dangerous the area was (we were told that other guests had been mugged before at that location, and the property doesn't even let their employees park outside their grounds), but they didn't warn us how dangerous the supermarket was when they recommended it or offer to hold our things since the room wasn't ready. We found out later that there was a supermarket with security cameras across the street from the one we had been robbed at, but the property inexplicably hadn't directed us to that one. The staff were courteous, but didn't do anything to help except give us some toiletries and allow us to make free calls to the police. Marriott corporate ultimately said they had no responsibility over what happened since we had gone off site (even though their own employee had directed us there). We were shocked by the whole situation since we wouldn't expect a company like Marriott to lead guests into harm's way and don't want this to happen to anyone else. Their response has been completely inadequate given what happened, how much we lost, and how much the stay cost. It also doesn't seem like our horrible experience led to any changes at the property to avoid this kind of incident in the future. We followed reasonable precautions as seasoned travelers and think the hotel could have done more to warn us and at a minimum, not direct us to a place we had no idea was so dangerous but that they did know as such. We still have many unanswered questions about how everything was handled, but no one seems to care or be willing to do anything meaningful about it. Any thoughts? Thank you.