My ambassador is (no longer) a joke

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Pre-warning: just a venting thread....


As posted in another thread, I'm extremely disappointed in my ambassador that I received, and any help from the ambassadors in general.  


In my initial emails back and forth, I mentioned that I won't usually need help but I would really like some assistance booking a terrific honeymoon.  Since then, she takes days if not weeks to respond to me.  The one time I asked her to book something for me two days out, she didn't reply and that hotel booked up forcing me to stay somewhere less desirable.


As for the honeymoon, my emails to her mentioned that I was trying to get the best bang-for-buck room on points and suite night awards at a beach location. All she did was send me a link to beach locations... After doing a ton of research myself, I mentioned that I had narrowed my search to Los Cabos because they currently have two resorts and have a third going in. The JW and Solaz Luxury Collection are currently there, and a Ritz Reserve is due in the spring (not holding my breath on that one.)  Anyways, I told her I'd like to book as nice of a room as possible on points so we could guarantee something fancy in case SNA's don't go through.  Viewing inventory online, I saw that Solaz only had base rooms available on points. Knowing that many legacy SPG properties required you to call in to inquire about other rooms, she again just sent me back the same info on the website that I mentioned I already knew. 


So, I communicated that my strategy would be to book a nice room at the JW, and 5 days out we could look at rooms available there, the Solaz, and the new Ritz Reserve to see if anything nicer could be secured via points and SNA's. I asked if that was a doable plan and she communicated that it definitely was. 


After booking the room, I got a welcome email from the JW and replied that I was hoping to use SNA's if available, to which he replied that Platinum Benefits are excluded from the Griffin Club at the JW Los Cabos.  I emailed my ambassador for clarification, and after a week, someone else replied to me that both JW and Solaz are resorts and excluded from Platinum benefits, and if I wanted a better understanding of that, I could read the Terms and Conditions link.  SERIOUSLY????


What's more, I found out on my own that there will be no chance of booking the new Ritz Reserve because they don't participate in the loyalty program.


I hear of people on TPG and Flyertalk getting free breakfast and platinum upgrades at places like St Regis Maldives.  So will I be eligible for upgrades and SNA's at these places or not?


I'm so incredibly frustrated that I spent sooooo much time and money with Marriott this year (over 170 nights...) and the best they can do is give me mis-information and then send me a link to their terms and conditions.  


So my advice?  If you're pushing to get ambassador status: don't.  It's not worth the headache.  


Wish I had a way of communicating this to Dave Flueck or other higher-ups in the loyalty program. communitymanagers, do you have suggestions on who I could talk to about this experience?


If the honeymoon is a bust, I'm burning my remaining points as fast as possible and jumping ship.