The Coral at Atlantis Autograph hotel review

Discussion created by taxman193 on Dec 28, 2018
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I hate doing this but I hope that others will find it useful if they are ever considering going to Nassau Bahamas and staying at the Coral (or any of the Atlantis hotels). 


I travel a lot (just like all of you) but this is the first time I have been to Nassau I decided to use some points and stay at the Coral hotel at Atlantis. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a hotel stay or a vacation for that matter. I won't go through all the details, there are plenty of reviews on TripAdvisor(including mine) to get a feel for the issues with this hotel. Let me just highlight a few. 


- I knew before going from reading the reviews that Nassau has a required 12% VAT tax and a required 15% gratuity on everything you buy including food, drinks etc.. Yet it is still a sticker shock when you go out for dinner or drinks or buy a cup of coffee and have the 27% added on no matter what. Honestly, with all the great places to travel in the world, it just is not worth the cost of staying here. 


- The hotel charges an excessive $55 resort fee per night. In addition, something I was not aware of, there is also a mandatory "housekeeping gratuity" charge per night of $10 and more if you have more than two people in a room. Trust me, the housekeeping staff has no incentive to clean because they receive this no matter what. 


- The rooms are vary outdated with old bathrooms that have rusty small tub/shower combination and old furniture. The location of this hotel is good because it is close to the Marina Village with restaurants and bars close by. 


- None of the restaurants accept cash so you have to charge it or charge it to your room. I just looked at my rewards accounts and despite having over $800 of food and other charges to my room, I received ZERO points. I now have to try to fight with the resort and Marriott to receive the points for the in-room charges. It still kills me to no end that Marriott has a rule where you do not receive reward points for resort fees. Resort fees keep increasing to almost the cost of a room. In this case, $55 a nigh plus VAT tax yet you don't receive any rewards points on resort fees. Honestly, this is so unfair. 


- As many reviews have mentioned about this and the other Atlantis hotels, the service is not friendly at all. It was the worst check-in and customer service I think I have ever received at any Marriott hotel over the last 30 years of traveling. They simply do not care and you never once feel like you are a valued customer or that you are on vacation. 


- I am a Marriott Premium Platinum member and this is an autograph hotel. According to the rules, they were suppose to offer me a breakfast for two. They would not honor that. I have put a claim in for the guaranteed $100 compensation. 


- I have to say, I would never return to Atlantis or Nassau. Just not worth it. The automatic 27% on top of the high prices, the exorbitant resort fee, the mandatory housekeeping gratuity, the extreme lack of customer service (why not with the guaranteed 15% there is no incentive), it just is not worth it and there are so many better places to visit for a vacation.