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There are Blackout dates!

Question asked by jchimni on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2019 by nmb255

I have a question - According to the benefits section, there are no black out dates (for platinum premier elite members)  to book a room using points. However,  in practice this is not followed. I tried to book at making a reservation at a Ritz property today;  I could make the reservation with cash for a standard room, however, the property did not have any rooms available for points. They had a separate offer for a points + money option to have club level access, however, as a Platinum Premier member, I have access to the club in any case. Marriot member services needs to start fixing these issues. In this particular incident I am paying $450 more for one night than I should be paying, if there are no black out dates