Marriott.com Deals and Packages sections broken?  Or just bad?

Discussion created by helodoc on Dec 27, 2018

Has anyone noticed that there are sections of the "Deals and Packages" part of the Marriott website that are either badly broken, or so non-functional as to be useless?  For example:


Choosing the "Resorts" item sends you to a page that supposedly allows you to jump off to Marriott Resorts.  None of the Directory links work right.  The one for "All-inclusive vacations" brings you back to this page.  The links that supposedly bring you to Golf or Spa or Casino resorts all bring you to a page that allows you to pick from the 7000+ hotels worldwide.  Hidden behind a filter button, you can then try and filter by the subject you're looking for.


Similarly, there are places throughout the website that have the links to allow you to search by "Golf Resort" or other specific resort types.  Those all dump you on the worldwide directory, meaning if you're not willing to poke a bunch of other hidden buttons, it all looks broken.


The "All-inclusive vacations" item on the home page under the "Deals and Packages" drop down just dumps me on the same Resorts page, which isn't what I'd expect to land on if Marriott were actually trying to sell all-inclusive vacations.


The same broken links are scattered throughout the website:  For example, click on the Deals page and scroll to the bottom.  Try any of the Hotel Directory and many of the Deals links.  They just dump you on the worldwide hotel search landing page.


Then, there's the fact that a lot of this seems duplicative with the Experiences by Marriott pages, which take you through similar categories, then you have to pick, then you have a landing page, then click on some javascript control to search that doesn't seem to work (admittedly, that might be a function of my work internet).


I really feel like Marriott isn't trying to hard to do their packages...and isn't too bothered by the fact that their pages are impossible to navigate.


Anyone have better experiences?