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To event or to not event, that is the question...

Question asked by thepointhoarder on Dec 28, 2018
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Hey guys (first post here!) 


I'm currently PP and my account currently shows 54 nights for the year (I'm not US based so no credit card shortcuts, actual 54 butt in bed nights). However... I still have the 5 night credit coming from the choice award, another three night stay that is supposed to post (overdue), another stay that was erroneously posted one night short, and another one that posted 2 nights short (I have the folios for both, so now it's just about bird dogging them to fix it...) which means I'm at 65 once everything is resolved. I can organize a meeting I need to do anyway on Sunday at a nearby Sheraton instead of a cafe, for $300, which would get me to 75 nights, but am not sure it will clock in on time...


I think it's worth it if it clears (voucher plus a few months of bonus points and perks until I hit PP again) but am worried that the event might not count or that the night fixes will get resolved in 2019 and I will have to fight the Marriott windmills to get the status.


WDYT? Should I do it? If I make sure the event manager updates the event in the system on Sunday/Monday should I be OK? 



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