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Were Lifetime Points Reduced last week?

Question asked by mkjofdm on Dec 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by markwill

We now know the reason for the sudden drop in lifetime night counts that many experienced last week (I lost 42, some lost hundreds).  Apparently there was an IT mistake discovered that duplicated SPG night totals when accounts were merged. So,  lifetime night totals dropped suddenly for many.


The unknown question, since we can no longer see our lifetime point totals, is whether our lifetime points were also reduced, and by how much. If lifetime points were reduced, that action has the potential to affect those trying to achieve lifetime elite status using legacy standards (in my case, LTPP).


With so many changes since the conversion, I can no longer recall what happened with our SPG points when accounts were combined - I only recall that SPG might totals were added.  


Any thoughts? Panic?