Why Are We Paying Resort Fees for Items We Get As Status Members?

Discussion created by benlemery on Dec 24, 2018
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Three years ago, I started staying at the Marriott Cancun Resort (formerly the CasaMagna Resort Cancun).  It is by far one of the best resorts in the entire Marriott chain with unparalleled service, restaurants, and a picturesque resort space.   


Two years ago, I booked for the next year.  About midway through a new $25 resort fee popped up stating it is "for internet, fitness classes and more!"  Reaching out to one of the manager's they said, "improving our guest experience and for so the Resort Fee has come with a set of add-ons that you will find value in by enjoying many of the amenities around the resort for example two welcome margaritas in our lobby bar or relax outdoors during the movie night with complimentary popcorn."


This year, the same resort fees.


As a Platinum Premier member, the internet is already included in all my reservations.  Fitness classes?  Out of the hundred plus rooms at the resort, the only person I saw working out was the actual instructor.  To add on insult to injury, the lobby bar was closed this year for renovation -- no welcome margaritas. 


If you are going to say that you are gaining value by paying an extra fee for services that you are already getting as a status member, then why are we paying it at all?  Thankfully, I have fought to get these removed the last two years but it is a battle every year.  When I say battle, I mean multiple emails, calls, etc. 


I want to encourage Marriott that if they are going to charge additional fees, then please at least show some value to them.  We are not stupid, we just see it as the same thing airlines do when they purchase a ticket and then have to pay an additional fee for the same seat everyone else gets with no additional perks.  


I am growing tired of the nickel and dime.  It feels like being a reward member is growing less and less of a perk and more and more of a hassle.  In fact, since the merger, I have been upgraded a total of once even though there were multiple rooms open.  I only stay at Marriott, have the credit card, etc.  The value is simply decreasing to stay loyal. 


Does anyone else feel this way or am I completely off in my feelings here?