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Elite Credits

Question asked by chrisf13 on Dec 22, 2018

Is there a page or something that summarizes how credits are earned for 2019? I have questions such as:


  1. Do credits from 2018 carry over anymore?
  2. If I have an SPG card and 2 Marriott cards, do you get 15 credits for each or 15 credits for an SPG and 15 for a Marriott or do you get just 15 and that's all?
  3. Are there other ways to earn credits towards elite status other than stays?


Plus, I am very close to lifetime Platinum.  When do you get credit for another "year" of a Platinum status?  At the end of your current year?  So if you are Platinum in 2018, once January 1, 2019 rolls around does your "years of Platinum" go up a year?