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Lifetime Points Dropped by 60k Suddenly

Question asked by saa812 on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by mktic

I have been calling in to check on my lifetime points balance periodically since I'm looking to achieve Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status by legacy requirements by end of year. I'm well over the required nights with 834. When I called on December 12, I was told my balance was 1,884,511. When I called today, after my brother transferred 60,000 points to me (I missed the memo on the difficulties people have been having with point transfers no longer adding to Lifetime total), I was shocked to be told my balance was 1,823,561. My balance DROPPED by 60,950, i.e. almost the same amount as what was transferred to me. The first rep I spoke to about it was extremely unkind/rude about it and hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I got through to a different person upon calling back, but I could not believe how I was treated by the first agent. 


I'm 1000% sure of the 1,884,511 number because I read it back to the rep that day to confirm, I wrote it down in pen and there's also a chat log of me telling a friend that number on December 12th. Additionally, my points balance on 11/4 was 1.842 million, and I stayed at Marriott hotels several times since then. Even if the amount of difference is in question, there is no doubt that my lifetime points total has somehow dropped significantly in their system. I wish the Lifetime Points balance was still visible on the Marriott website through the end of the year so I could have actual screenshots. 


Has anyone experienced an issue like this and been able to get it resolved? I'm anxious about this setback just 10 days before the deadline. I already faced another issue similar to this with regards to my # of lifetime years being incorrect that was never resolved -  that original issue is what set me on the odyssey of making sure I qualified by points instead, but it seems that is also going bust.