Charleston or Savanah?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Dec 19, 2018
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I will be in Atlanta late in the summer and want to extend my business trip.  My wife and I want to spend a few days in either Charleston or Savannah.   We will have roughly 4 days.   Any suggestions between the two locations along with hotel recommendations?  (For those who know me, yes...I will be taking in a Braves game at their new location when I am in Atlanta!)   If given the choice between historic area vs a location with beach access, we would take the historic location.  We enjoy the architecture, history and regional dining specialties more than staying at a resort.  While I enjoy a good CL, if I am in an area with good cuisine and on vacation, I would much prefer heading out in the morning on foot to explore the local area and find a great, local breakfast spot or bakery.