Marriott Rewards Problems

Discussion created by rscott on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by pey

I have been a long time Marriott Rewards member, I have Platinum Elite status and always stay at Marriott.  However, I am about finished.  The past 6 months has been a disaster where I've had to call and message to get credit for stays.  And today is the last straw.  I stayed at a JW Marriott in Indianapolis for a conference.  I booked with a discount rate but was never told that the rate would exclude Marriott points.  I checked in and the deskclerk never told me this.  In fact I opted out of house-keeping in order to get more points.  When I did not receive points I message Marriott (typical) and am told that I won't get points due to the group booking.  The e-mail I received pointed me to a webpage with a bunch of fine print.  If I had clearly been told this ahead of time I'd have stayed at an adjoining property (there's a Springhill Suites that normal rate was cheaper).


Since the big "Merger" it seems that Marriott doesn't care about their rewards customers.  I have co-workers who have switched to Hilton for similar reasons.  


I'd appreciate some reasons why I should stay with Marriott?  As my expectation is that the poor service will only get worse.