Compliant Escalation

Discussion created by spain312 on Dec 17, 2018
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Hello, Looking for someone to help me with the following:  Booked 2 rooms using reward points for an up and coming stay at the Gaylord Nashville with my family of 5. (Platinum Premier Elite Member)

As I booked the reward rooms I inquired about the soundwaves water park that was opening Dec. 1st. (These rooms were booked mths in advance) and wanted to make sure we could get access, and the person booking the rewards rooms said yes, just call them after Dec. 1st and make the waterpark reservation with the hotel.  Well, I called the number listed on the Gaylord site for reservations and was told I needed to book a waterpark package and it is not available.  I let them know I was told I could call and book the waterpark reservations directly with the hotel and am wiling to pay whatever the fee is. (we have 3 kids that were really looking forward to this during our stay).

I was told this is not an option...

I am infuriated by this and the treatment of a established Marriott loyalist. Again, willing to pay for access to water park and they are saying that it is not an option because I used points, which is not what was told to me while initially booking. Its almost like you are penalized for utilizing points... Any advice out there on how to get this escalated?  Trying to get help, otherwise I will have 3 very sad kids.  Thank you.