Hotel Review: JW Marriott Austin, TX

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Overall Rating: 5/5


Introduction: My wife & I stayed at this property for two nights while on a birthday weekend getaway. The dates we stayed were from 12/14 – 12/16/2018.


Check-In: I did early check-in on the Mobile App the day of our arrival even though check-in first became available a full 2 days prior to our arrival. Upon arrival to the hotel there were Mobile Check-In kiosks at the Elite desk but, since I had never used one of them before, I went ahead and had an agent assist me in gathering my keys. The agent was very friendly even though the hotel itself was clearly slammed.


Parking: Even though the valet was incredibly busy due to the weekend’s high occupancy their system was efficient ran smoothly. I was greeted promptly upon entering the valet line and was directed to the underground garage for self-parking, as this was the option I opted for.


The Lobby: The hotel lobby was very large and spacious, full of all kinds of seating areas, tables, lounge furniture, and people. No matter how busy the lobby was, however, it never felt inundated; there was always plenty of space to spread out and enjoy oneself.

The Room: My wife & I stayed in a King Bed Guest Room on the 25th Floor with a Lake View. The elevators up to the room were quick and very responsive and the floor our room was located on was clean and quiet. The room itself was exquisite, as it embodies my favorite design styles when it comes to hotels: contemporary elegance. This is one reason why I personally love the JW Marriott concept. The rooms are well appointed and very chic while nothing is overdone or gaudy. Our room was perfect in every way: clean, spacious, fresh-smelling, and equipped with a fantastic view of downtown Austin and the Colorado River





The Restaurants: The hotel has a multitude of dining options, notwithstanding a full-service Italian restaurant (Osteria Pronto), a more casual American restaurant (Corner Restaurant), as well as a food truck-style restaurant (Burger Bar) that offers guests and pedestrians alike the opportunity to walk-up to the counter and order food. My wife & I tried each of these concepts and loved all of them. We ate at Osteria Pronto for breakfast and for dinner service, Corner Restaurant for lunch, and Burger Bar for a late lunch on the day of our departure. Even if I weren’t a guest of the hotel, I would still make it a point to each at these restaurants again as the service was great, the food was delicious, and the overall ambiance was very enjoyable.

(Osteria Pronto facade)


(Cosa Nostra at Osteria Pronto)

(Calamari at Osteria Pronto)

(Bucatini Bolognese at Osteria Pronto)

(Akaushi NY Strip at Osteria Pronto)

(Tiramisu at Osteria Pronto)

(All-American Breakfast at Osteria Pronto)


(Signature Old Fashioned at Corner Restaurant)


(Chips & Dip Trio at Corner Restaurant)


(Brunch Burger at Corner Restaurant)

(Burger Bar facade)


(Bacon Burger at Burger Bar)


(Oreo and Strawberry Shortcake shakes at Burger Bar)


The Pool: JW Marriott Austin’s pool is impeccable and it is no wonder it’s a popular gathering spot in the warmer months. The entire pool deck, which incorporates sun lounging areas near the pool, private cabanas, and general lounge space with fire pits and bar access, is accessible, spacious, and well-designed. My wife & I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent relaxing on the deck and swimming in the pool while enjoying cocktail service.


(Pool view from our room)


(View from the pool)


(Hotel exterior 1)


(Hotel exterior 2)

(Hotel exterior 3)


The Spa: My wife utilized the spa (named The Spa) on Sunday morning before brunch for a pedicure, as well as for an intensive hand moisturizing regimen. She enjoyed her experience and relayed to me how pleasant the service was.


The Service: Every interaction we had with hotel staff throughout our stay was pleasant. The hotel was well-staffed and clearly took pride in the caliber of employee they hire. From the routine interactions like checking in, ordering food, etc., to the more unique requests like purchasing new robes and JW Marriott branded bath towels, the service was impeccable and executed to perfection.


Summary: Going into our weekend trip at the JW Marriott Austin I had a sneaking suspicion it would be my favorite hotel experience to-date. Once the weekend was over and our stay had come to an end I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this hotel had, indeed, lived up to my high expectations in every way: it is now my favorite hotel (and my favorite hotel stay) to-date and will continue to be on my mind until our next visit.