Category 4 advice in BKK

Discussion created by platlife on Dec 17, 2018

Been slumming it the past 2 months at unmentionable hotel chains it has nothing to do with Marriott IT :-)


Any who I'm heading to my usual warm relaxation spot for the month of January.  Was able to score great LNF deals in the past at Aloft but so far nothing going.  Looks like I will be cashing in those cat 5 (now 4) travel certs which I've accumulated.


After months of trying I scored one of the... if not THE last 75K one way biz seats over.


So thoughts on Cat 4 Bkk?  There are numerous these days.  Lounge is key.  W does not have one so that's out.  I've stayed at Marriott 57 over the years prob around 60-70 nights and I like it a lot.  However it is supposed to be cat 3 (not showing and I've already submitted complaint about this to no avail)  And as a cat 3 I feel I'm throwing points away with voucher.


Leaning 22 Marquis or Westin.  But have read good things about Le Meridien.  Renaissance is ok but I hate their indoor pool.  Never stayed at JW but have been to the lounge which was quite nice.  However pool is tiny from the website.


Thoughts appreciated....and if any of you will be in town early 2019 feel free to send me a DM and would love to meet up!