Has Marriott Ever Canceled your Reservation and Not Communicated to You

Discussion created by olgamilo on Dec 15, 2018
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I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone recently??? In the 12 years Ive been a member with Marriott (now Lifetime Platinum Elite) I have never had this happen. At this point, I dont think Ill ever step foot in a marriott property again.
We had a reservation for New Years (Dec 28-Jan 1) at the Hotel Park City (Autograph Colelction)  To give you some background on me I am a Lifetime Platinum Elite. I spend about 30% of my year on the road for work and exclusively choose to stay at Marriotts and Marriott Partner properties. Yesterday (Dec 14) while on the Marriott app booking a reservation noticed my Hotel Park City reservation had been cancelled. Sure that this was an error I immediately called the hotel at (4:01pm PST) to speak to the front desk who confirmed the hotel room had been canceled three weeks ago. The front desk person informed me that the hotel tried to run my credit card for a penny and it was declined and so the reservation was cancelled.  I immediately asked to speak to a manager and was transferred me to the Revenue Manager who reconfirmed the room had been canceled three weeks ago and that people put fake numbers in so that you run the card to make sure its valid.  What was the most frustrating about my conversation with the Revenue Manager was that there was not compassion from this individual (as she could hear that I was taken by emotion) and she had the audacity to say "we are oversold and unfortunately, I cant just pitch you a tent out front".   The bottom line is that I can not believe a hotel would cancel a reservation and not provide any communication to the individual that the reservation had been canceled. Although I was told I was sent an email  I never received it, my points (which were a "prepay in full, non-refundable if cancelled less than 60 days before arrival" rate) were not returned in the past three weeks since the cancellation, and I never received communication from Marriott either. It wasn't until I called Marriott at 4:42PM PST yesterday and explained the situation that I received the first confirmation email at 5:06pm PST.  Also, I had been emailing with the hotel's concierge via email on Nov 19, 22,30, Dec 3,4  to confirm roundtrip car service from airport (which we paid for), restaurants, recommendations for Nanny service company and the Spa. I booked a spa appointment through the Spa for Dec 30. Through all those conversations (although asked what name the reservation was under) not once did hotel employees inform me that this reservation had been canceled.  With the actions of the hotel and staff we are now left without a place to stay for our trip as the area is mostly sold out,  We have to cancel:
  • Airfare from LA ($300 in cancellation fees)
  • Transportation RT from airport to Park City
  • A Nanny we reserved (cancellation fees)
  • Dinner reservations 
  • New Years Dinner and Sleigh Ride with Snowed Inn
To say I am frustrated, angry, and sad is an understatement.  After traveling all year long for work. being a super loyal marriott customer all year long, and being away from my husband and 15 month old daughter this was the first trip we were going to have together as a family in two years.   A simple phone call to confirm the cancellation or that the card had been declined would have resolved the issue.